Bow Ties & Suspenders: Snapping Back In-Style

For over 100 years, suspenders have been in and out of men’s fashion trends. In today’s fashion trends, we are seeing numerous retro influences reinvented by some of today’s top designers. From black tie to casual wear, suspenders are snapping back into the fashion scene. DOs for Suspenders:
  1. Straps thin to medium size.
    • You don’t want to give off the appearance of the “Larry King” look unless you are in your late 80s.
  2. Simple Design.
    • Although it is nice to have designs, keep it classy and explore more in the texture area versus making yourself look like a child’s coloring book.
  3. Pair then with pants or tie.
    • When picking out your trousers or tie, make sure they agree with your suspenders. For a more casual look, try them with a collared shirt and some nice dark jeans or khakis.
DON’Ts for Suspenders:
  1. Belts
    • Unless you want to look like you put everything on you could find in your closet, avoid the belt with your suspenders. Remember, the suspenders are a substitute to the belt to keep your pants up; it is not just a fashion item.
  2. Pleated Pants
    • Skip the urge to step into a pair of pleated pants. Although it looked great for your grandfather back in the 50s, let’s agree to retire that and go for a cleaner look with no pleats.
  1. Oversized shirt
    • Let’s not let your shirt be the center of attention. Fitted shirts are always a must when wearing your straps. Keep them tight enough to contour to your body and the shirt fitted enough to not bunch up.
Bow ties as of late are making a more noticeable climb onto the fashion scene. Bow ties became a trending topic adorned by Chris Brown in one of the most memorable news interviews in pop culture (see #ChrisBrownsBowtie). Wearing a bow tie should bring style and class to your wardrobe. In lieu of the clip on bow ties, here’s how to make tying a bow tie easy.