Danny Nguyen Couture

Danny Nguyen Couture Presents

Spring/Summer 2013 Collection at Momentum BMW

On Thursday, May 30 the acclaimed Vietnamese-born couture designer Danny Nguyen displayed his much anticipated Spring/ Summer collection at Momentum BMW Southwest. Benefitting Abandoned Little Angels, a nonprofit that uses proceeds to save abandoned children from the streets with mental and physical disabilities, the event was able to raise money to donate to the charity and helped raise awareness on the issue. A fusion of fashion and entertainment, the night opened with DICE Boutique, accompanied by the performance of Ni’ela Rocks and Nguyen’s magnificent Thai inspired Spring/Summer collection. DICE Boutique featured in their opening show their newest collection that consisted of an assortment of bright colors and lace accents. Particularly striking was the neon orange peplum dress with the lace bodice. The piece fit the model perfectly unlike many of the other pieces, which tended to have unflattering waistlines. Exceeding expectations as always, Danny Nguyen’s show was impressive, to say the least. Nguyen’s spectacle opened up with two Thai dancers dressed magnificently in traditional Thai garb.

Following was the show-stopping women’s collection. The Thai inspired patterns with sparkly gold hues were brilliantly combined with bright pastels and neutrals. One of the many pieces that stood out among the rest was the long nude maxi skirt paired with the beautiful floral adorned lavender and peach top. The brilliantly paired model with a dark complexion contrasted favorably with the piece and made the piece look ever the more striking than if it was paired with a fair skinned model. The tight gold and silver embroidered dress with the sheer back also stood out among the rest and was a complete wow factor with the breathtaking gold detail in the back. Additionally the white pantsuit was one of the pieces that were especially striking with shape and silver studded detail on the shoulder. Overall, the collection was uniform and crisp, minus a small few that simply didn’t size up to the rest of the collection. The dramatic peach off the shoulder gold encrusted gown was one of them. Although the dress was intended for drama purposes, it had too much going on with the different colors, patterns and gold detail that made it simply unbearable to the eye. The off-the-shoulder floral embroidered top was another that didn’t measure up. The top didn’t fit the model accurately and was baggy enough to see the side of her bra. Nguyen’s men’s collection, however, was utterly flawless. The collection was very “Mad Men” or early “James Bond,” if you will. The models wore classic 60s inspired and tailored gray and black suits with red, gray or black ties, serving a refreshing contrast with the loud, bold colors and heavy detail from the women’s collection. After the second women’s collection, the grand finale was a complete game-changer that featured a fabulously dressed model wearing sunglasses and a trench coat with three male models dressed in classic suits surrounding her. When the model strutted down the runway, it was completely unexpected that the model would completely undress herself behind the three men to put on a fabulous white dress with a sheer, floral bodice. Nguyen’s masterly executed Thai-inspired collection was brilliant. The attention to detail and beautifully contrasting colors of the pieces definitely set Nguyen apart from other local Houston designers.

Caroline Dodd is an Intern Fashion Writer with COEUS Magazine.  She is currently majoring in Public Relations and Communications at University of Texas Austin.