Hairstyling COEUS Hairtips

Have you heard about the greenhouse treatment for hair? Everyday our hair is exposed to smoke, harsh climate, and lack of attention due to our busy  lifestyles. This type of environment can dry your hair leaving it looking dull and brittle. Hair needs to be detoxified and hydrated just like our bodies so, listen up it’s actually quite simple to do and one hundred percent natural!  Hairstyling COEUS Hairtips All you need is a one hundred percent pure hair oil (such as: coconut oil,  castor oil, extra virgin oil, tea tree oil, organic oil, etc.), a plastic shower cap, silk scarf and a warm winter cap that has a snug fit. Your hair greening process can be done fifteen minutes before bed. Wash your hair with the shampoo of your choice. On your damp or dry hair, apply a generous amount of your oil and massage into scalp for about ten minutes. Make sure the oil is applied from the scalp down the hair strands to the ends and is fully incorporated into the hair. Placing the plastic cap over your oil nourished hair will create a green house effect while you sleep, locking in  moisture from your own natural oils and heat from your head. Tie the scarf neatly over the plastic cap and then place the winter cap over the head. All of this will produce more heat. When you awake your hair may be somewhat damp from the effect created. You can either blow dry hair on cool setting or let air dry. After hair is dry, style hair as usual. Repeat process with oil every two weeks. Use your normal routine for hair washing in between. You should see more luster, thickness, and length within a few weeks.