Lip Service 101

Need your lipstick to last longer? First things first, “Prep the Area!” Remove the dead skin. A great home remedy is a mix of honey and sugar to exfoliate your lips; using a wet toothbrush on your lips works as well. Remember to thoroughly rise off. You need to remove any oils from your lips to insure a lipstick long laying result. To avoid uneven application, in the case of flaky, dry lips, please use a lip oil to quickly and deeply moisturize your lips. It’s the same concept as exfoliating and moisturizing your skin prior to getting a spray tan in order to get an even tan and longevity from the spray tan! Lip Service 101 WEBTry applying a stain first and then line the lips with lip liner, which helps reinforce the color, and then finish off with your lip stick or color. Matte lips last the longest, but if you are choosing a hydrating gloss or top coat of gloss, make sure to press the color onto your lips before applying the last coat. Remember to try to drink through a straw whenever possible for long lasting lips. When all else fails make sure you brought your lip color with you for touch ups and REAPPLICATION!! First impressions are everything. Our lips are our “personality”marketing tools. You don’t want to have a business meeting with flaky, cracked lips. You could inadvertently send the wrong message about yourself. Show off those luscious, soft business makers!