MIKA YOGA WEAR WAS CREATED TO OFFER WOMEN COMFORTABLE, DURABLE & FLATTERING WORK OUT WEAR LOOKS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. Established: 2010 (we are just about 2 years old) Founded/Owner: Laura & Sebastian Costa Location: San Luis Obispo, CA Who is the Mika Yoga Wear market? Women in the yoga, dance & fitness communities. How did the idea of Mika Yoga Wear come about? While I was at yoga teacher training I was going through a ton of yoga clothes everyday & was frustrated at the quality & the price my clothes at the time were. I talked to my husband about my frustration & my ideas I had for creating some more flattering pieces & we thought, “Maybe we should see if this is something we could create together?!” When I came back from training we went for it- starting very small with just a few designs. We came up with the name “Mika” because we have always talked about wanting to have a little girl someday & want to name her Mikaela. Mika is short for her name & since it is the first thing we are creating together we thought it went well with our story. Where can your products be found and purchased? Online (mikayogawear.com) or at one of our Retailers. We have a store locator section on our site where you can click on the map & see where our line is being carried. We currently have around 200 retailers around the world that carry our line. How do you develop inspirations for the design and fabric of your product? I am inspired mostly when I am teaching a yoga class, practicing yoga or seeing women move & dance in performances. It’s not only important for the clothes to be functional, but also very important how the clothes move with a women’s body. We all come in different shapes & sizes so I think it’s important to be aware of how different shapes & styles move, feel & look on their bodies. I also get inspired by asking woman what they look for in their workout wear. It’s great to get feedback directly from women who will wear the clothes  themselves & I take their suggestions & feedback very seriously. We do our best to listen to our customers needs & feel this has helped shape our line as to what it is today & it will continue to help inspire our line in the future. What separated Mika Yoga Wear from other fitness wear apparel companies? The quality, price point & ultra flattering feminine feel of our line is what make us stand out. Is Mika Yoga Wear only for yoga workouts? Many pieces in our line can be used for a number of different reasons. For instance, you can wear our Bralette top as a comfortable everyday bra. You  can also wear many of our items as bathing suits- I’ve had a few women say they wear our long tops as tankinis at the beach or our Betty shorts as surf boy short bottoms. My mom says her Bella pants are her favorite travel pants to wear because the sheen of our fabric make them look a little dressy & the waist band is comfortable to sit in (doesn’t cut or pinch) How does Mika Yoga Wear give back to its customers and the community? We love sponsoring events! It is wonderful to support organizations that  promote wellness & showcase  women’s talents. We mostly sponsor yoga retreats as well as yoga & pole competitions- yup- they exist! They are SO much fun to attend & are extremely inspiring to see what the human body & spirit are capable of. I always meet so many confident, strong & kind women at these events which makes it even more worthwhile. What is the purpose of having Mika models? To showcase the clothes! These girls aren’t just models though, every model we work with are either dancers, yoginis or workout enthusiasts. What do Mika models represent to your market? They represent strong, healthy, confident & active ladies in the yoga, dance & fitness communities. What is in the future for Mika Yoga Wear? We’d love to see our line continue to grow & be featured in more dance, yoga, fitness centers & clothing boutiques around the world. We hope to also broaden our range of products & are looking forward to adding “after workout” wear to our collection in this next year as well! Above everything else we hope to continue to produce products that are fresh, feminine, comfortable & flattering.