Planet YEROC

CONSTELLATIONS, ASTEROIDS, and METEOR SHOWERS COEUS Magazine takes a trip to Planet YEROC Written By: Nikiage Washington Yeroc What is the meaning behind the name “YEROC”? YEROC stands for absolute and unchangeable authenticity. We are born into society untampered and psychologically detached from social conformity. As we become visually, physically, and emotionally aware of the world around us, our identity is challenged, honed, and sometimes altered by our societal and contextual environments. YEROC is a choice to be exactly who you were born to become; it is a true reflection of you. When I look into the mirror, I see who I am, COREY, but society sees me exactly as I appear, YEROC. The philosophy of YEROC is that one should be a reflection of who they really are in society; themselves. Therefore, YEROC is a reflection of who I am in society; COREY, which is the reverse configuration of my name. By being who I am at all times, my reflection will always remain the same. Does your reflection mirror exactly who you are internally? Or is it a false two way mirror or maybe just a piece of opaque shiny glass? How did the concept of YEROC come about? The vision that I originally held and still hold is the notion that fashion should hold power; that power is maximized by the wearer of the brand. Each piece of YEROC eyewear is constructed using a marvelous mesh of exotic materials, optical brilliancy, and unique properties indicative of only YEROC. YEROC revolves around the philosophy that one should be the one they are. When this is achieved, they become an icon. “Standing Out Is A Natural Consequence of Being an Icon”. How many collections has YEROC had and what would you say is your favorite collection or pair of glasses? There are 5 distinct YEROC collections that have been completed. My favorite piece? It’s like having children; I can’t reasonably practice nepotism; I love each piece identically. How do you find the inspiration for YEROC collections? My inspiration is unstable. There is not a primary source; it is more like a honey bee that likes to travel from exotic flower to piping tulip to secluded rose and extract and experience the essence of that particular pollen. I have eclectic taste buds, and blatantly discard anything that does not satisfy them. YerocWhen did you know that YEROC was going to be a household name or a must have accessory? The moment it became conceived in my mind. The thought was born and I would not abort it. What is YEROC’s ideal customer or target market? YEROC targets the individual and iconic customer. I cater to a customer that is sophisticated because he or she knows exactly who they are with every stitch and seam. The YEROC customer is a knowledgeable, urbane, and fearless fashion figure. The YEROC customer appreciates luxury and accepts that it belongs to him and to her because they are worthy. Demographically, anyone can rock YEROC just as long as they are themselves individually; I’ll never discriminate against a “type” of consumer. The YEROC man and woman are beings that know exactly who they are and aspire to be. The YEROC man and woman cognize that in originality lays authority, that in authority lays responsibility. The YEROC man and woman understand that standing out is a natural consequence of being an icon. Three words to describe YEROC? Iconic. Bionic. Prolific. What made you decide to have a career as a designer of luxury eyewear? I have always been a creator. From my inception into this world, I revolved around my own creative core. The core is comprised of an eclectic, artistic, imaginative, and productive nucleus that spawns original output. So my inspiration to design an eyewear line comes forth from an internal deepleveled well of virtuosity. YEROC eyewear serves as a symbol, a prelude to my story. The eyewear represents my ever-changing metamorphic vision. When you see life through multiple lenses, you heighten your perspective and comprehension of the world. What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced during the development process of YEROC? The most gargantuan challenge that I’ve faced occurred at YEROC’s birth. The economy stunted YEROC’s growth at first; it induced a premature newborn. The tubes of entrepreneurial death were attached to YEROCHowever, I ignored the odds and told YEROC that it would make it. And then suddenly, YEROC began to breathe on its own through its own lungs. Now YEROC sprints and leaps over hurdles. Were you educationally trained or freelance designer? I am a freelance designer. The best education is a personal exploration of your environment and in environments foreign to it. Did you have a support system or mentor to guide you during the development process of YEROC? I relied on a well of deep confidence. I am an extremely strong-willed and  positive person. I followed the path that my mind constructed for me and learned from each subsequent failure and each success. How did you learn the  process of manufacturing and developing a business? This was an arduous process and I researched for a lengthy amount of time  until I realized that the only way to do this the way I wanted was to build my own factory and that’s exactly what I did. As far as developing a business is concerned, I have always been entrepreneurial and business savvy. The first business I started was the distribution of handmade key chains in the 3rd grade. If you could pick anyone to be the spokesperson for YEROC, who would you choose and why? I would undoubtedly select Anna Wintour because she is the most powerful person in fashion. Moreover, a pair of striking shades is a wardrobe staple of hers. It’s a matching game really, matching the best with the best. [Laughs] What separates YEROC from other luxury eyewear in the business? YEROC eyewear is physical poetry. An immense amount of refinement,  symbolism, andenchanting exotic physical properties are infused in each piece. The YEROC brand is created for people who create themselves. What makes YEROC shades unique is that the shades “are more than the eye can see”? Each YEROC pair has a unique attribute and serves as a powerful symbol of the  brand. Notably, a small number of each pair exists in the world, dubbing the pairs rare and treasurable. In terms of the physicality of the pieces, they are a mesh of insightful design, supreme quality, and stark exoticism. Just by the physical originality and characteristics of the YEROC eye wear brand, an onlooker would notice that the glasses are highly unusual, and something that is instantly distinctive and recognizable like the shape of an extrinsic car. What can we look forward to seeing from YEROC in the next 5-10 years? YEROC will spread like a fashion virus, infecting the wardrobes of the world. If you could give any advice to an aspiring eyewear designer, what would it be? I would tell someone venturing in this industry to stay on course, driving with only their vision. I would tell them not to get distracted by the attractive signs hanging overhead or the bolstering billboards that offer big flat dreams. I would tell that person that there are exits everywhere, and to think twenty times before leaving your dream stranded on the side of the road.